Directors' Speak

“All best practices and latest technology today is available with the Asset Developers and Operators and not with Asset Owners, Oil & Gas is no Exception”

Mr P Sugavanam (Member Board Of Directors, SANMARG Projects Pvt Ltd)


“It is abundantly clear that nations will rise and fall depending on their ability to access and manage energy. It follows therefore that energy production and distribution call for increasingly higher levels of specialization to optimize efficiency. Intelligent and knowledge based strategic outsourcing is imperative to every company which seeks the most efficient use of its resources”

- Mr CK Koshy (Member Board Of Directors, SANMARG Projects Pvt Ltd)


“With the type of push being given today at the policy level, the Infrastructure sector is bound to move forward and that is a must to sustain higher economic growth. It is worth noting that India has emerged as the largest PPP market in the world with over 900 projects in various stages of development. With a positive policy regime and top level focus on improving governance including targeted efforts to reduce time taken in decision making regarding projects, I am of the view that investment decisions can be hassle free, this is the time to actively participate in the process of economic change and the wide variety of opportunities to take up projects must get converted into project decisions.”

Dr M Ramachandran (Member Board of Directors, SANMARG Projects Pvt Ltd)