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We provide advanced isolation services and equipment that meets the highest performance standards, including hot tapping machines, fittings, valves and plugging heads. Our certified specialists ensure that our technology provides the solutions you need, efficiently and with less risk.

Pigging Services

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

EGP (Electronic Geometric Pigs) 


MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage)


Baseline Survey

Pigging is a vital component of pipeline maintenance, operation and integrity. Without it, your pipeline is at risk for reduced flow, less efficiency, higher operating costs and more downtime.

No two pipelines are alike. Our engineers have the expertise to recommend the right equipment and pigging program for your pipeline, your product and your goals.

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Q1. What is SANMARG doing in Pipeline Intervention?

Ans: SANMARG has completed over 100 assignments in the last decade in O&M and intervention support services for hydrocarbon pipelines ( Natural gas, LPG, product, crude, CBM ).
In Pipeline Intervention, SANMARG offers various solutions including Hot Tapping & Plugging Services, Valve replacement, Line section replacement, New Connection and removal of redundant line sections. The service is provided through latest equipment with technologically compatible fittings and valves, designed for maximum safety and efficiency. These services are offered for Cross Country Pipelines, Tank Farms, Hydrocarbon Processing Industry and City Gas Distribution.

Q2. Does SANMARG offer Pipeline Health Assessment?

Ans: SANMARG offers DCVG, CAT and Holiday surveys, UT, MPT, DPT, RT and inline inspection services using EGP, MFL and XYZ tools and analysis thereof. Readings generated by these surveys are presented to clients in form of detailed analytical reports which not only identify the defects & deficiencies but also the best mitigation.
SANMARG also offers Emergency Response Services to contain and manage any pipeline bursts, illegal tapping, washouts etc.

Q3. Who is to be contacted?
Ans: The following persons may be contacted for the above services:
1. Ashish Suthar - +91 997 986 4590
2. Praveen Chaudhary - +91 981 188 4121
3. Om Prakash - +91 858 884 0898
The team can also be contacted through pli@sanmargprojects.com by e-mail.