Integrated Operations & Maintenance Solutions for City Gas Distribution Networks

1. Operations

  • Gas Receipts & Routine Operations at City Gate Station, District Pressure Regulator and Field regulating stations
  • Control Room Management
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) system Design, Monitoring, Maintenance and rectification
  • Odorization
  • Foot Patrolling

2. Maintenance

  • GIS based asset Management system
  • Preventive & Predictive maintenance of equipment 
  • Calibration of meters, gauges and other related instruments
  • Relief Valves and Control Valves
  • Functioning of Testing of Pressure Regulators, Actuators, Monitor Regulators, Slam Shut Valves
  • Implementation of isolation schemes
  • Testing and upkeep of Limit switches
  • Emergency Response

3. Pipe Laying

  • Laying of MDPE pipelines
  • Fusion of pipes
  • Flashing
  • Testing, charging and commissioning of the Network
  • Construction of brick valve chambers
  • Fabrication and installation of GI fittings
  • Installation of meters