1. Mechanical Works

  • Monitoring & Maintenance of cross country pipelines ( Emergency preparedness to repair any leak/bursts on cross country pipelines), DG Sets, rotary & static equipment, pumps, compressors, Boosters, Mainline Valves, Control Valves, Fans/Blowers, Gear box, Air Dryers, Transmission Systems.
  • Maintaining Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Bi Annually/Annual Records
  • GIS Based Asset Managment System

2. Electrical Works 

  • Maintenance of MCC, PCC and control panels, UPS Systems, LT/HT Motors, YFDs, Indoor/Outdoor lighting fixtures, Battery Banks, Earthing system and Transformers.
  • Identification and repair of cable faults.
  • Laying of HT/LT cables, Electrical Heat tracing cables
  • Maintaining Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Bi Annually/Annual Records
  • Illumination Surveys

3. Instrumentation & Control and Automation & IT

  • Up keeping of SCADA system, Leak Detection System & Interface tracking, CCTV cameras, OFC cables, EPBAX.
  • Maintenance of equipment related to Fire protection System, Switchyard, Instrument Air & service air system, Fire engine, Gas/ Liquid Fuel handling system, PLC.
  • Security Surveillance

4. Civil works

  • ROU maintenance- Supply & installation of the pipeline markers Viz. Boundary Markers, Warning Markers, KM Markers, Aerial Markers, Direction Markers, External Painting & Protective anti-corrosive Coating as per specification, Restoration of damaged / fallen CP TLP Post, Marking of ROU extent & locating of Pipeline/ OFC with help of pipeline locators, ROU Patrolling, ROU obstruction/ hindrances/problems Records.
  • Painting
  • Earth work Restoration & Excavation
  • Fabrication of Crossovers, Platforms, Boards
  • Buildings, Boundary & compound walls constructions
  • RCC & PCC works

5. Cathodic protection

  • Design, Commissioning, Monitoring & Preventive Maintenance of Anode Ground Beds
  • PSP Monitoring
  • TRU & CTSU Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Supply & Installation- TLP, TRU, CTSU, Reference Cells, Cables, Polarization Cells,
  • Off Potential survey
  • Calibration of all meters of TRU & CTSU Units
  • Survey- DCVG , CIPL, CAT
  • Maintenance of Kirk cells
  • Monitoring of Corrosion Coupons,
  • Providing study reports on CP feasibility
  • Interference Mitigation

6. NDT

  • Dye Penetration Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Test
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiography
  • Hydro testing

7. Emergency Response

  • Mobile Maintenance Vehicles for Emergency Response: Equipped with portable Welding machine, silent DG sets, Air Compressor, Pneumatic oil/grease pump, Mud Pump, Grinding Machine, Chain Pulley & Tripod, Fire Extinguishers etc.
  • Non sparking hand tools, coat and wrap material, explosive meter and leak clamps.