Underwater Asset Inspection/Monitoring services New

SANMARG has ventured in Underwater Asset Inspection/Monitoring services, with tie-up with a Technology Partner to offer end-to-end underwater inspection technology solutions (ROVs integrated with advanced sensing and diagnosis tools) for long term asset monitoring. 
We focus on creating solutions particularly for underwater inspections of assets, right from creating data capture platforms (e.g. ROVs), developing our own data capturing techniques (Underwater concrete NDT, advanced NDT etc) and post data capture AI-enabled reporting dashboard for quick analysis, dimension (of defect) quantification and cross-comparison of inspection data across years and appropriately forecasting next steps for maintenance and repair
We envision to steer a new course in the maintenance and inspection industry with disruptive innovations in the field of marine robotics, novel underwater NDT methods and AI enabled post-inspection analytical digital reporting dashboard. Our technology solutions help asset owners or managers take data-driven decisions for efficient planning of maintenance and repair. 
Following is the range of inspection services that can be carried out by our ROVs:
  • Visual inspection of underwater structures for detection of anomalies
  • LASER aided assessment of dimensions of cracks/ cavities on any underwater infrastructure
  • Wide Range Ultrasonic Thickness of Metal
  • Technology for inspection in extremely Turbid Waters
  • Underwater inspection of scouring around foundations
  • Side Scan SONAR Surveys & Bathymetry Surveys
  • Jet based marine growth robotic spot cleaning
  • Pulse Eddy Current (PEC) Based Thickness measurement beyond marine growth
Our technology provides following innovative features:
  • User-driven inspection where the site engineers can view live data from the ROV (high definition video, sensor output data etc) at a safe on-shore location anywhere in the world
  • On-board signal processing and data analysis for quick decision or action by site engineers
  • Ability to integrate multiple sensors including optical, acoustic, ultrasonic, chemical and radiation measurements
  • Capability for inspecting confined spaces such as storage tanks and ship ballast tanks
  • Advanced control algorithm for stabilization of measurements
Initially, we are offering following Underwater Asset Monitoring services :
  1. Inspection of assets in extremely Turbid Waters : 2 Layers of enhancement - Hardware Module (Specifically designed for turbid waters with LED light diffusers and increased field of view in murky waters) and Software Module (Video Enhancement Algorithms, Post Processing using Computer Vision removes cloudiness in water)
  2. SBM/SPM inspection : Assessing the condition (level of corrosion) of underside of buoy, hose and anchor chains by using ROV;  Sharing highly stable HD videos on the Assessment Dashboard and live streaming of critical areas

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